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Topic outline

  • General

    What is the syllabus for the new PMP exam?

    When the new exam was announced, it caused a lot of confusion. PMI said the new exam is based on the exam content outline and people were confused as to what resources they should use to prepare for the new exam. Let me simplify this for you. The major components of the new PMP exam include:

      • Traditional / Predictive project management
      • Agile/Hybrid Project Management
      • The new exam content outline

    To prepare for Traditional / Predictive Project management, you should consult the PMBOK 6 & 7

    To prepare for Agile/Hybrid project management, you should consult the scrum guide and the Agile Practice Guide.

    To prepare for the new exam content outline, you should download the new ECO from PMI’s website.

  • PMP Application

    Describe all your project following this template as an example.

    B2B consulting company   ( all the descriptions must be around 300 words)

    Objective: ( Give a brief description of your project to all allow anyone outside to understand the purpose of the project )

    ( For Examplesmile The goal of the project was to set up a consulting services company specializing in monitoring and marketing to support creative companies in their development strategy. The company was to provide training, coaching and market research services to help its clients seize the best opportunities for their growth.

    Role: Describe your Role ( My role was to manage all the projects as Project Manager )

    Initiation: thanks to a market study carried out with the target customers, I was able to validate the business opportunity. The analysis has indeed served to reveal the need that creative entrepreneurs have for relevant information in order to make the best business decisions. In addition, training and support in the use of the best marketing tools were also identified as a need. The aim of the project was to participate in the creation of viable and sustainable creative businesses.

    Planning Coordinate the details of setting up the business by developing the business plan including the communication plan, the marketing plan, as well as the financial projection. It was also necessary to proceed to a systematic identification of the stakeholders (customers, collaborators, funding organizations and partner organizations) and to design the strategies to enter into contact with each of them.

    Execution and Monitoring Once the business plan was completed and validated, administrative procedures were initiated to obtain the various authorizations to exercise. At the same time, the team of collaborators was set up and the connection with the first customers was carried out. Since the requirements were predictive, the predictive methodology was the one that was used.

    Closing Once the business was active I closed the project by documenting the operations management plan.

    Outcome: New business was active and operational.

    Start date 2014-05-31

    End date 2015-06-15

    #Months: 12


    Team Size: 4

    Budget: 5 000$

    Contact: Contact person

  • Common Inputs, tools & techniques, Outputs

    • 660+ Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs across
    • the 49 process
    • Many process has the same ITTO’s
    • Don’t memorize ITTO’s
    • Understand them and why there are there

  • Mindsets / Mentalites

    ==================================== FRANCAIS =============================================

    • Ethics and Professional Responsibilities


      • Always tell the truth no matter the outcome
      • Telling the truth can be a very hard thing to do,
      • because it could cause you to lose your job.


      • Follow the laws of the country you are in
      • National law can be tough on a project but must be followed
      • Always stay respectful of another country’s culture or customs

      Gifts and Donations

      • Gifts and donations are not to be accepted unless it is a custom or a law of the country
      • While getting a gift at the start or end of a project may sound good, but it can cause you to lose your integrity if you decide to receive the gift

      Conflicts of Interest

      • Conflicts of interest must be reported to higher management
      • No need to stop the project work


      • If you feel you might need to get permission to use something, get it, or don’t use it.
      • Don’t use copyright works without permission


      • Any misrepresentation of PMI must be reported to PMI
      • Any time you feel that someone is doing something that could harm PMI, then you need to report him/her to PMI

    • Scope Management

      PMBOK – “Includes the process required to ensure that the project includes all the work required and only the work required to complete the project successfully. Managing the project scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and what is not included in the project.”

      • Product Scope - features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result
      • Project Scope - the work that is needed to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with specified features and functions.
      • Prevent Gold Plating, which is doing extra work, not in the scope.
      • Prevent Scope creep, which is unauthorized work added to the scope.

    • Schedule Management

      PMBOK – “Schedule Management includes the processes required to manage the timely completion of the project.”

    • Communication Management

      PMBOK – “includes the processes necessary to ensure that the information needs of the project and its stakeholders are met through development of artifacts and implementation of activities designed to achieve effective information exchange. Project Communications Management consists of two parts.