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Topic outline

  • General Information

    Course Intentions

    PMI-PgMP is one of the highly ranked certifications in today's professional market, and certification holders benefit from great exposure. This course is the perfect validation of a healthy preparation journey. It allows candidates to fill their knowledge gaps and learn about terminologies and concepts that are not found anywhere else.

    What you’ll learn

      • Practice on two real-life tests that are at exam level
      • Be able to validate your preparations
      • Benefit from the best content and rationales covering all concepts
      • Optimize your preparations with the most fulfilled QB in the market

    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

      • There are no course prerequisites

    Who this course is for:

    PgMP candidates, business users, business owners, knowledge seekers, program managers

    Course content?

    The course includes 2 full tests simulating the real exam. Each test contains 170 questions. Each question includes:

      • Scenario
      • 4 available options to answer
      • Detailed rationale

    The course includes concepts that are not found anywhere else in the market for PgMP. Including:

      • Critical Ratio
      • Strategic Planning Cycle

    We take pride in having the most detailed rationales in the market. Our rationales not only include references, but detailed explanations of each concept and detailed approach resulting in the correct answer option.

    The course is updated frequently to reflect the ongoing changes in the PgMP exam and to reflect the exam-related version of the Standard

  • Instructions

    Take exam  1

    Read the answers good and wrong answers

    Go back to your note and reading

    Then take exam 2

    Read  the answers, good and wrong one

    Go back to your note and reading

    Then take exam 1 again and follow the process until your score is 80% and above.

    • Short Exam

      Short Exam

    • Full Exam 1

      Full Exam simulation