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Topic outline

  • General

    Practising mock is the Monitoring and Controlling phase of PMP Exam preparation for a PMP aspirant. 

    Any aspirant should be very careful in the selection of the right mock. 

    My recommendation is to score 75% on these Exam in order to be confident before taking the real exam.

    This course is updated to align with the new exam content outline effective on Jan,2nd, 2021, in addition it also consider question from PMBOK 7 as from 1st January 2022

    This course is one of the best tools to pass the PMP exam from the first trial, it's very realistic with majority of situational questions testing your practical understanding of the predictive and agile project management methodologies.

  • Guidelines

    The above is the real time management on your real PMP exam. 

    However for the purpose of the preparation, you will not be able to take break during this 

    My message to all Aspirants

    1) Read PMBOK6 & 7 guides, Agile Practice guide, Exam Content Outline 2021 and any personal notes you made thoroughly.

    2) Take the printout of 5-10-49 (5 process groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, 49 processes) from PMBOK-6 and read it on daily basis.

    3) Download PMBOK outline document from PMI website and make a habit of reading on daily basis.

    4) Know the functionality of all 33 project documents and its reference in the project life cycle.

    5) Smartly learn Tools and Techniques. There are 9 Data gathering tools, 27 Data analysis tool, and so on. Check its reference and usage in Project life cycle.

    6) Understand 4 values and 12 Principles of Agile carefully. Read roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master, Development Team, Product Owner.

    Read and understand artifacts ( Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Increments), and events ( Sprint, Daily Scrum, Iteration/Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Backlog grooming).

    How to take full advantage of this MOCK and get FULLY READY for your REAL EXAM.

      1. Take Exam 1 on this platform.
        • Review the result of all the 180 Questions and understand why you get some questions wrong.
        • Read some part of Material to close your understanding gap
      2. Take the Exam 2 on this platform
        • Review all your question the good and bad answer.
        • Read some part of Material to close your understanding gap
      3. If your result is above 75% on the first round of the 2 Exam, then we can conclude that you are ready to take your real exam.
      4. If you are still bellow 75% repeat the process, 
      5. Focus in understanding the logic behind each question rather that memorising the question it self.
      6. If any question is still confusing contact your instructor for clarification.

    7) Practice my 180 Questions mock sets at least twice to assess your speed and readiness.

    8) Remember the age old saying: - God helps those who helps themselves. This practice tests doesn't guarantee your success in the PMP exam, but it will certain increase your confidence level.

    • Short Test - 60 Questions

    • Full Exam 2

    • Full Exam 3

    • Full Exam in Study Mode - Instant Result